Helping the VanerVeur Family

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Helping the VanderVeur family put a grill together for Father’s Day. Sister Vander Veur said, “He was the brains behind the whole thing! We couldn’t have put the grill together with out him! He is such a great young man!”

I LOVE getting pictures from families in his area!

Tori and Vance’s Baptism


Tori and Vance got baptized! We found them by going through a list of unbaptized children. I am so glad things worked out for them.
The pictures you saw on facebook of temple day it was not the day of the baptism but it was the funeral. So, we stayed to be with the Rasch family. Which the family is doing good.
Things are great. Transfers are on the 7th I would love to stay one more with elder wood.
That is neat that Dad sang a solo at church. Can I get a video of dad singing? I don’t think I have ever heard of that song.
About that coming to pick me up, can I just fly home? we can come back up to see the areas I have served in. But you come up and I don’t get released then I go through my old areas I will feel like I need to teach someone with me still having my tag on but if I don’t have it on I think I could relax knowing that it is done. Also I don’t want to take my sibling out of school, they need to be there learning not having fun.
I hope that your tests goes well today. As I read your patriarchal blessing that you put in the email it made me think that is why you are in Cub Scout and primary.
I love you too. Elder Wood says hi. Hope that all is well in Zion for you and the rest of the family.

Elder Brenden Keith Merkley

June 22, 2015

 Hi Mom,
Things here are  ok someone that Elder Wood and I know died Friday running the Ragnar. Brother Rasch is his name.You met the family when we skyped at their house for Mother’s Day.  Sister Rasch is taking it really well and her son came home from his mission early to help his family. Just keep them in your prayers.
Our investigators are doing good we have a baptism this week with Tori and Vance. They are the ones with all the family drama. Hopefully nothing stops them from getting baptized again. So in a sense that was our miracle this week.
Good luck on your test nest week.  That is weird that  President Eberhardt emailed the parents about not emailing us throughout the week.  When we first got our iPads they didn’t say anything about it. But since  he said it then I guess we should follow it.
Elder Brenden Keith Merkley

June 15, 2015

Hi Mom,

Things here are great! Beside are investigators not getting baptized things are great.  Yeah, that is life out on a mission, just when you think they are ready…Satan gets in the middle of things! It’s a lot of family drama.  It’s a really long store that I will have to share with after my mission.

Elder Wood is awesome! Transfer is July 7. I hope we get to stay together for another transfer.  You asked about my birthday,  I don’t need things that are going to make me fatter then I already am. :)

Sorry this is so short, I am just sad about the investigators.  I know it will work out but it just stinks sometimes!


Elder Merkley

Dylan’s Baptism

Hey mom I need to say this before I answer any of your questions but you will never believe it, cause I still don’t believe it, but I got to do the baptism for Dylan!!! It was so cool! A lot of the ward came to it. image1.JPGimage2.JPGimage3.JPGYeah that was fun. It was my first time actually in the water.  I have had other investigators that have been baptized but it’s always been a friend or a family member of theirs who has preformed the baptism, which is great.  But, I was pretty excited to get to do it this time.
Also we tried something weird but cool at dinner with the Rasch’s family.  We roasted unusual things over the fire.  Starburst over a fire  are pretty good.  They get all caramelized and then get hard once they sit for a bit.  We also  found out that Fritos catch on fire.
Ok to start answering your question, the members are awesome out in park city a whole lot better then the ones down in the valley. Not our valley but the salt lake valley.
Hay can I get that stomp program sheet from you. You can email it to me, cause sister Rasch is daughter wants to read the Book of Mormon in like three months she can change the day it starts on and when it ends but I feel this will help her out.
I got to say, that even after working with so many people some of them fall away and some even being RM.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and there is nothing that is going to change my thoughts on that.  I say missions are hard but mine is just a little harder because we have to go through so much crap and are we are also expected to know everything which we don’t. Which is really frustrating. So yeah, what I am trying to say is that I am loving working for the Lord and doing all that I can to fight Satan and his angels.
Elder Merkley
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May 25, 2015

Hi Mom,

Thing are great! Elder Wood and I are staying together! Dylan is ready to be baptized this Saturday! The others  are doing great they are ready as well to be baptized.   And the man, Tom, from Alaska we saw him last Saturday but he was not listening at all to what we said he’s still struggling.  So its going to take a while.

It been raining for like 3 weeks.

Thanks for the pictures of Ethan’s graduation.  Tell him congratulations for me.  We kids can surprise you. Sorry i am not writing much i am just so happy that we are staying together for one more.


Elder Merkley

May 18, 2015

Hi Mom,
Yes, I hope I get to stay for the next transfer. Things are doing great we have four people on date Dylan for the 30th, Tori and Vance for the 13th, and Vera got moved to July 18.  Dylan so awesome and I want to be here when he is baptized. Just Tuesday he wanted to move it up so we can both be there for it. But we told him that we want him to do it when he is ready and not to move it just for us. So we have to wait and see what happens at transfers.
Well, one thing which was cool was on Saturday we were walking to a former investigator’s house and we ran into this man, Tom,  who just lost his son. He was from Alaska and came down for the funeral and he was really sad. But we talked with him and shared with him that Heavenly Father loves him and that his son is waiting for him and that he can hold him in his arms again. When we did this we were able to see if he would love to hear more, which he did so we will hopefully see him this week before he goes back to Alaska. But we did this with one of our AP and he is the one who saw him and started the talking so I have learn to open my eyes and just talk with more people.
You know I don’t know if I have grown spiritual, I mean I know I have I just don’t notice it at all. I kind of fell like you’re the one who is going to let me know if I have or not because I’m learning so much and I don’t know if I ever want to stop.
By the way to answer your question, I have 35 ties not counting the knitted  ones, if so I would have 37 maybe even 38 cause Elder Peters was going to make me another tie but still don’t have it.  I love ties!
Elder Merkley

Mother’s Day

05-21-2015 016


All six kids together!


05-21-2015 019


Acting silly

05-21-2015 023


Elder Merkley and the Brunson Kids!

05-21-2015 028

Mother’s Day Kiss from Elder Merkley!


On Mother’s Day we had the great opportunity to Skype with Elder Merkley! We were able to talk with him for almost 2 hours.  It was really nice.  The Brunson family was able to come over and join us.

Elder Merkley is doing great!  He loves his companion, Elder Wood and he loves Park City. We asked a lot of questions…. He said the most exciting thing he has done on his mission was meeting Elder Jeffery R. Holland and shaking his hand.  He said it was amazing!   The worse thing he has eaten since he’s been out was an over cooked turkey TV dinner.  He said it tasted like plastic.  An older gentlemen had them over for dinner and he didn’t cook much until his wife passed away.  So, it wasn’t really that bad.  On his p-days he plays a lot of sports with the other elders in their district as well as studies, does laundry, shop, and get ready for the week.   He works in 3 wards (2 family wards and a singles ward).  He said the members are great at feed them dinner and he has gained a lot of weight.  He does wish they would be more helpful with missionary work.  Before we said our good byes Elder Merkley offered our family prayer.  It was wonderful to hear how much he has grown spiritually in the last 14 months.  It was a wonderful Mother’s Day!